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Healthy Edge

Posted February 6th, 2011 by admin

Live Your Abundant Life!

Your Great Potential

THE HEALTHY EDGE is a Lifestyle program that will redefine how you perceive and care for your Health, Body, and Life. The focus is on the choices we make and habits we create every day that affects our Health. This program has the power to transform your body’s health and weight, and to create an abundant lifestyle that can impact you and your family’s health forever!

The Healthy Edge Online Program allows you to experience your Healthy Edge journey from home or any location, and at a time that fits your schedule. You receive all of the 8 Life-Changing, Foundational, and Hands-On Seminars and Emotional Empowerment Audios. You also receive Email Support, Participant Guidebook, and access to over 100 Delicious, Quick, and Yummy Healthy Edge Recipes.


The Healthy Edge Programs Life-Changing Seminars

Week 1

Getting Started with The Healthy Edge – This is the Beginning of what You want to Create. Set Yourself up to Win and Get Ready to explore Optimal Health! Prepare yourself and your home for The Healthy Edge journey. Learn and receive support to clean out your pantry and shop for health promoting groceries. Connect with your Vision for your Best Health and Life, and assess where you are starting from and what Intentions and Goals you are moving toward. This program is intended to guide you in making lifestyle changes that will not only change your outer body but guide you to discover your inner body as well.

Week 2

Insulin Resistance and The Glycemic Index – Are you suffering from the bulge in the middle? Do you have an unhealthy relationship with high-glycemic carbohydrates? Do you find it impossible to resist those night time cravings? Discover the truth around why you are mentally and physically struggling with your mood, will power, and weight and how to break the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting and weight gain! Learn the major principles of The Healthy Edge lifestyle and start living The Healthy Edge.
Empowerment Series: Belief Systems.

Week 3

Eating Out and Eating at the Workplace – Can fast food be healthy? Do you fall into the hidden traps at restaurants that hold you back from your ideal health and weight? Learn how to make choices to support your Health while eating out. What about the workplace? Are you a victim to your busy workday? No more! Get empowered to take control in the workplace and eating out!
Empowerment Series: Victim vs. Empowered.

Week 4

Exercise – Most people know how to exercise so why don’t we? What is holding you back? Learn how exercise can be fun and how enjoyment inspires you to move and be consistent! Discover the truth about what it takes to be physically fit and healthy and most importantly what is the difference. How long do I work out? How often? How do I know what is my target heart rate? Discover how experiences in your past are shaping your health now and how, if you change your mind, you can change your life!
Empowerment Series: Fact vs. Meaning.

Week 5

Reading Food Labels Part I – Food labels are more than calories, fat grams and sodium! Learn the truth about what you should be looking for when you read food labels! Also get an eye-opening view of the organic industry! What does low-fat, no fat, low calories, etc. really mean when it comes to your health and weight? What is regulated on food labels and what is marketing? What should I be buying organic? We also explore three destructive mindsets that can hold you back from health, happiness, weight release, close relationships, and your dreams!
Empowerment Series: Resentment, Resistance, Revenge.

Week 6

Reading Food Labels Part II – The top 10 worse food additives are unveiled in this life changing seminar. Discover what current research says about the health effects of artificial sweeteners, artificial colorings, additives and preservatives founds in our foods! You will not want to miss this seminar for you and your children! Get a handy “shopping guide” to take with you when you go to the grocery store!
Empowerment Series: Overcoming Belief Systems.

Week 7

Maximize Fat Loss – “I just have a slow metabolism” will never come out of your mouth again after this seminar! Learn how protein, fiber and muscle mass can increase the fat and calories you burn daily and change your body! Discover the secret to how fiber and protein contribute to fat release! Fine tune your Healthy Edge journey by evaluating your progress and identifying what is missing.
Empowerment Series: Journey of The Healthy Edge.

Week 8

Where Do You Go From Here? Congratulations on Completing the journey! You are ready for the world, almost! Get final hip, waist, and weight measurements and see how well you have done! Discuss the victories and challenges ahead and the process to continue the lifestyle changes you’ve made in the last seven weeks. Reconnect with your Dreams and receive valuable insight to focusing your activities, goals, and intentions toward your Vision of abundant Health in all aspects of your life – work, finances, emotional health and relationships to oneself and others, mental health, thoughts, and perceptions, education, and spirituality.

We offer 3 options as to how to take the Program:

  1. The Online Program by itself, as described above, for only $200. The Healthy Edge
  2. All the above with the following additional benefits: you also receive the highest quality, Pharmaceutical grade Nutritional Product Support with the Essentials (Chelated Minerals and Mega Antioxidant) and Individual Weekly Coaching, for only $250. The Healthy Edge
  3. For those who want to maximize their support to cut their cravings and to start releasing weight from day 1, there is the option to receive all of the above plus the additional RESET Cleanse Kit to Reset your Metabolism, help Balance Blood Sugar levels, Cleanse and Jumpstart Weight Release, for only $350. The Healthy Edge

Begin Now to Discover Your Potential, Ideal Weight, Health, and Life!
Sign Up Today for One of our Healthy Edge Programs!

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