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Nutrition & Supplementation

Posted February 7th, 2011 by admin

Nutrition and Supplementation

Nutrition and Supplementation

It is an undisputed fact that a healthy diet is of utmost importance for disease prevention and long term health! Any of our clients on their personalized lifestyle plan knows this.
Yet, there are people who believe that they can get every nutrient they need from their diet.

RDA levels

Even if you eat a great diet you can barely obtain the RDA levels of all the essential nutrients necessary for optimal health.

The RDAs are the minimal levels needed to prevent acute deficiency diseases such as scurvy, pellagra or rickets, and they are NOT the advanced levels that have shown to have a significant health benefit in hundreds of scientific studies over the past 30 years.

A healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and vegetable protein is of great importance, but through diet alone you can barely get – and here I will quote Dr. Myron Wentz, Ph.D., “the nutrition you need to protect yourself from today’s environmental toxins and the increased oxidative damage to the cells of your body.”

Nutrient Deficient foods

Also, many of the foods we consume don’t produce the level of nutrition they did only a few decades ago. The loss of minerals and regenerative organic matter from soils is a problem world-wide. We have taken from our soils and not given back, until they are exhausted and empty of nutrients that plants take up and supply to all animals including humans.

Here is the results of just one recent survey that illustrates the decline of nutritional value of one vegetable, broccoli. Over almost 3 decades broccoli has lost:

  • 53% of its calcium
  • 38% of its vitamin A
  • 18% of its vitamin C
  • 50% of its riboflavin
  • 35% of its thiamin

Even as our plant foods are less nutritious due to depleted soils, much of what the plants do contain when harvested is lost during processing. We are now more concerned with convenience and long shelf life than with nutritious foods.

Today, what arrives on your table is only a shadow of the healthy foods your parents and grand-parents consumed. I saw one estimate that it would take 8 oranges from today’s supermarket to match the nutrition that a single orange provided years ago.

Advanced or optimal levels

As Dr. Ray Strand, MD points out: “Medical studies have shown that less than 1% of the population is able to get all the RDA level of nutrients from their diet on a consistent basis. But more importantly, the Medical literature has shown us that RDAs have absolutely nothing to do with degenerative diseases. RDAs were developed to avoid what are now known as acute deficiency diseases like scurvy, pellagra and rickets.”

The optimal levels of nutrients that have been shown to provide a health benefit in the medical literature are significantly greater than the RDA level. For example, the optimal level of vitamin E is 400 IU. However, the RDA is only 30 IU. To obtain 400 IU of vitamin E you would need to eat:

  • 33 heads of spinach, or
  • 27 pounds of butter, or
  • 80 avocados, or
  • 5 pounds of wheat germ

. . . each and every day!

This is due to depleted nutrition in our foods and increased toxicity in our environment. Likewise, the optimal level of vitamin C is around 1200 mg to 2000 mg daily, while the RDA is only 60 mg. You would need to eat 18 large oranges or 17 kiwi fruit, or 160 apples to obtain that level of vitamin C every day.

High Quality Supplements – it only makes sense

USANA Essentials

It is obvious that besides a healthy diet and regular modest exercise, in order to radically improve our chances of having life-long good health it is extremely important that every day of our lives we take advanced levels of antioxidant vitamins, minerals and their co-factors in the form of science-based, complete and balanced nutritional supplements.

To really know what you are getting and what you are trusting your health to, you need nutritional supplements that are manufactured in an FDA registered facility and follow Pharmaceutical Grade Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This guarantees that what is on the product label is actually in the product. The company also needs to follow Pharmacopoeia (USP) Government Guidelines for Dissolution of their tablets. This assures that the tablets are actually going to dissolve instead of just produce expensive urine. USANA Health Sciences is one of the very few companies in the world that follows all of these manufacturing and quality control guidelines. With USANA we have the much needed protection against oxidative damage from free radical activity, and a most effective and safe way to boost our body’s own natural antioxidant defense system, the immune system and self repair capabilities. That is why close to 1000 elite and olympic athletes around the world trust their health to the products of this company.

The Art and Science of Helping People – One Man’s Impressive Legacy

To appreciate what sets USANA apart from other nutritional supplements one needs to look at the man who started it all: Visionary, Scientist, Humanitarian, and Entrepreneur Dr. Myron Wentz.

The USANA Difference

USANA Health Sciences formulates exceptional, science-based nutritional and personal care products. However, inferior manufacturing can destroy even the greatest product formulations. For this reason, USANA manufactures its own nutritional supplements, and voluntarily meets pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Pharmaceutical GMP standards are far more stringent than the food GMP requirements set by the U.S. government for supplements.

To adhere to the exacting standards of pharmaceutical GMP, and to ensure the quality of every product manufactured, USANA inspects all raw ingredients before they are mixed, tests the product during manufacturing, and performs a final analysis before any product is sent to the customer. USANA’s Quality Assurance team keeps track of every detail, from careful testing and evaluation of raw materials, to meticulous product shipping and storage. Visitors to USANA’s corporate headquarters can take a Self Guided Tour.

Some people may wonder what the relevance of all this is. Aren’t all supplements created equal? Nothing could be further from the truth! To address this common misconception we must first of all realize that the nutritional supplement industry is a totally unregulated industry. The FDA looks at these nutrients as foods or food supplements. Nutritional supplement companies can put anything they want on their product label and not be required by the FDA to back it up or prove that the amount of a particular nutrient listed on the label is actually in their tablet. According to scientists of the United States Pharmacopeia Dietary Supplementation Verification Program, the majority of nutritional products in the US market today would fail to substantiate the claims made on their labels. With quality control like that, people should be asking if what is on the label is really in the bottle. You also do not have any assurance that the tablet will even dissolve. The University of Maryland looked at 9 different prenatal vitamins commonly prescribed by physicians to see if they dissolved. These researchers found that only 3 of the 9 prenatal vitamins even dissolved. In another study, conducted at the University of Alberta, it was found that 54% of supplements did not dissolve. If your tablets don’t dissolve it does not matter what is in them!

National Agricultural Report

Below are video segments from The National Agricultural Report’s educational documentary, featuring USANA Health Sciences:

Since its beginning, USANA has worked with respected research institutions to further knowledge of degenerative diseases and their prevention. The Science of USANA – Advanced Antioxidant Protection

Every dietary supplement created by USANA carries a potency guarantee, so you know that what is on the label is in the product. Standard of Quality – Potency Guarantee

USANA’s Sensé line focuses on the skin’s cellular health and uses the newest technologies for products that are both effective and safe. The Science of Skin Care – Sensé

Please contact us through the comment box if you want to experience the USANA products first hand (your email will NOT show publicly and privacy is strictly protected) or go here: Cellular Nutrition.

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